My New Book: Final Artwork


Hello fellow bloggers and readers.  Some of you know that I’ve been writing a book.  Well, the artwork is finally completed!  I think the artist did a great job, and I’m looking forward to publication, which is right around the corner.

You folks are my biggest writing supporters, so I wanted you to know first (after my long-suffering wife, Lynn).  I’ll be providing updates as Evergreen Dreaming gets closer to publication.

Thanks, everybody, for hangin’ out here in longitudes with me!


24 thoughts on “My New Book: Final Artwork

    • Both. I found a publisher, but the publishing house is me! I established an LLC, “Longitudes Press,” and purchased my own ISBNs. So I have almost total control. There was one traditional publisher who was interested, but I got tired of waiting and said “Forget it, I’ll do it myself.” It’s nice to have that option these days.

      So if you have a sequel to “Party of One,” Jim, bring it to Longitudes! (BTW, my wife is ordering it… I don’t have Kindle.)

  1. Good work, Peter! This is a major effort, and one with dividends that you will be happy to watch grow over the next while. I self-published using An exciting exercise!

  2. Good deal either way. Is your wife planning to read “Party of One” as well? One female reviewer on Amazon said something like “gives me a good view into the male mind.” I’m not 100% sure that’s a good thing. 🙂

    • Thank you, Mary Kaye! She did two designs, and this one was much better than the other. The back cover of the paperback has a dirtbag photo of me. I like it because I’m wearing an old, outdated, and very ugly backpack. Will keep you posted…

    • Thanks, wl61. I think I did know that you’d written some books… Wisconsin logging history, maybe? Congrats to yourself, as well. Lotsa good writers on WordPress. Your next assignment should be related to TV history, since you’ve got the knowledge!

      • Actually I did author a book Logging in Wisconsin for Arcadia last year. I also have a picture book The Adventures of Paul Bunyan but my series is more for your wife from what you described. It’s about 4 sisters who grew up in Indianapolis and is set in 1950. However one of the sisters works for Burns and Allen as they enter the tv market.


    Congratulations, I am so happy for you and just know it will be amazing. ‘Gotta have a 1st edition 🙂

    Hope to catch up… and still want a Friday on calendar for you me and Matt to meet.

    Best wishes, Rock*

    • Sounds good, bud. Matt’s been a bit of a ghost lately. I may be starting a project involving his company soon, though, so I’ll try to swing by his mouse cube.

      Thanks for the congrats! (You’re front and center in my Acknowledgements.) Am hoping by end of this week for publication. Hope all’s well with the Delhi gang.

  4. Great cover and title Pete. Good work. How was the selection decision on the pic? Good for you on all the effort and work and also on the publishing idea.”Longitudes Press”. Very cool. I get the waiting around thing (and also the “ants at the picnic” as Mamet said). I will get one when the ink is still wet. Good stuff Pete. Give yourself a pat on the back.
    (On the ‘Blubber” front. I had Vancouver Island Regional Library scour the seas for it. it was like searching for the “Great White Whale”.. They couldn’t locate it and are probably losing sleep over it. I will persist and get the job done. Just the kind of guy CB is)

    • Re the blubber book, it was an academic work (by a non-academic), so it had limited distribution. Not sure, but I think libraries had to specifically request it. It’s mainly confined to some univ. libraries and museums. But you can order it on Amazon, or similar online bookstores (see “My Writing”).

      Re “Evergreen,” she created two concepts using my ideas. I didn’t like the one at all. This mountain gazing art was much better. Then, I made changes and suggestions. She got most of them right, eventually, but it took a long while. BTW, I’m hoping within a week for publication. This book is paperback, so more affordable than the blubber opus (and you’re another person I acknowledge, CB!).

      • Thanks for all that Pete. You are a card carrying member of the ‘John Prine Walking Club’
        I was just curious on the final decision on the pic. Sometimes those can be a little much when there are a few opinions floating around. But when it’s solo It eliminates that process. I think you got it right. What was it Twain said about golf?. “A good way to mess up a walk”. Something like that. Anyways good for you fella. Thanks for the nod.

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