I’ve been a little out of touch with my long hike, but I recently discovered that my book BLACK JACKKNIFE: A NICK MONTAIGNE MYSTERY received two glowing reviews, one from Publishers Weekly and the other from Midwest Book Review. “Deftly crafted,” “a truly entertaining and memorable read,” “an author with an impressive flair for humor, originality” are some of the comments. Here’s a link to the PW review:

And the Midwest Book Review Review (scroll down to “Mystery/Suspense Shelf”):

It’s always nice to know your work is appreciated by others. If you haven’t read BJ yet, just click the book link to the right, which will take you to Amazon.

And hope you enjoy how my man Montaigne gets the job done!



  1. Wonderful to see the good press. Congrats Pete on another great book, although I don’t know how you could top Bluejackets in the Blubber Room. When do you expect to reach the PA border / Mason-Dixon line?

    • Thanks much, Tad. Guessing mid-July when I hit Harpers Ferry, or MD, or southern PA. I’ll give you more accurate data as I get close. Would love to see you and reminisce about our shared halcyon days in Saltsburg!

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