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I started this blog because I wrote a book and wanted to advertise it, but I discovered I have a compulsion to share my obsessions and flights of fancy, so it’s grown into an editorial monster I can no longer control.  I’m a baby boomer, so a lot of my blatherings are related to boomerism. (Is “boomerism” a word?)  Here, I discuss everything from my juvenile delinquency, to my left-leaning politics, to my favorite musicians, to the TV show Petticoat Junction.  One day soon I hope to discuss Natalie Wood’s big, beautiful, brown eyes.

I have some additional pages you may want to check out, located in the menu above.   If you’d like to know about my biography, click the ABOUT ME page (also known as the “Den of Narcissism”).

If you’d like to learn about my freelance writing, click MY WRITING.  Here, I have information and links on my history book, Bluejackets in the Blubber Room: A Biography of the “William Badger,” 1828-1865 (University of Alabama Press); my memoir, Evergreen Dreaming: Trail Tales of an Aging Hiker (Longitudes Press); and my latest book and first novel, Black Jackknife: A Nick Montaigne Mystery (Longitudes Press).  At this rate, my next project should be a comic book.

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