Welcome to longitudes.  I started this blog because I wrote a book (see below) and wanted to advertise it, but I quickly discovered that I have a compulsion to share my obsessions and flights of fancy, so it’s grown into an editorial monster that I can no longer control.  I’m a baby boomer, so a lot of my blatherings are related to boomerism (is that a word?).  Here, I discuss everything from my juvenile delinquency, to my left-leaning politics, to my favorite musicians, to the TV show Petticoat Junction.  One day soon I hope to discuss Natalie Wood’s big, beautiful, brown eyes.

I have some additional pages you may want to check out, located in the menu above.   If you’d like to know a bit about my biography, click the ABOUT ME page (also known as the “Den of Narcissism”).

If you’d like to learn about my freelance writing, click BLUBBER BOOK.  Here I have information and links on my first book: Bluejackets in the Blubber Room: A Biography of the WILLIAM BADGER, 1828-1865 (University of Alabama Press).

Lastly, a nod to the blog www.graciesautism.com, which I used as a model for longitudes.  This well-run blog has a more important purpose than mine, so if you’d like to help, please check it out.

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