Politics, Cruises, Sports, Halls of Fame, and Other Dumb Things


Last month I published my 100th article on WordPress. Since then, I’ve struggled to come up with number 101. I even mulled over sending longitudes to a permanent dry dock. But like a pressure valve in a steam engine, there needs to be release.

Should I write about the recent U.S. presidential election? I don’t think so. If I do, I’ll either be preaching to the choir, or my words will fall on ears clogged with wax. Better to wait for the pending avalanche before hurling my snowballs from the chairlift.

I could write about the recent anniversary cruise my wife and I took. We had a wonderful time, but the trip was marred by the revelation that our ship, Caribbean Princess, had, only days before, been fined a record $40 million in damages for polluting our oceans with oily waste, then trying to cover up the crime. trumpYet during the muster drill the first day, the boatswain’s mate (or whomever) had, with the temerity of a Pinocchio or Donald Trump, announced that Princess Cruise Lines is serious about environment protection.

To paraphrase Tiny Tim: God help us, everyone.

However, there were highlights to the cruise. One was meeting music engineer/producer/bandleader Alan Parsons (The Alan Parsons Project). It was following a Q and A session in one of the lounges on the 7th deck (starboard, aft). It was a relief to hear a little good music being played after all the hip-hop, electronica, and lounge lizard sounds.

The down side was that the occasion was instigated by a deal between Princess and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (RnRHoF). This, friends, is a capitalist wet dream as slick as Vaseline (or oil). If you’d like to know my not-so-obsequious views about RnRHoF, please see Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Part One.i-robot

I could write about how my Cleveland Indians blew a 3-1 lead in the World Series, losing their final two games at home. Against the hapless Chicago Cubs, of all teams.

Or how my Cleveland Browns have lowered the bar for patheticism (is that a word?). They’re currently 0-14 and are aiming, once again, for that top draft pick. And maybe the record books.

But getting back to the marriage between the Princess and the RnRHoF: I could write about the argument I had with one of the guests at our cruise dinner table. He had the gumption to suggest the band Styx was more deserving of RnRHoF recognition than Jethro Tull. Sacré bleu, monsieur!  He’s a doctor, so you’d think he’d be smarter than that.

But, I guess even smart people can have their dumb moments. At least, when it comes to music, voting, selecting vacations, or whatever.

Go Browns… (yes, bloggers can be dumb, too).

Note: header illustration is courtesy of and copyright Tim Shields, 2002



11 thoughts on “Politics, Cruises, Sports, Halls of Fame, and Other Dumb Things

  1. Good one, Pete. The thing is that Jethro Tull is in the “real” hall of fame. You know, the one down your hall. The real hall. Have a great holiday! Best wishes.

  2. You’re back and you gave me a few chuckles. CB doesn’t touch that ‘Hall’ thang! I’ve been in a few doctors offices. You ever listened to the music coming out of the speakers? (I watched every pitch and thought the Indians were the team. Having no allegiance I sat back and soaked up some good ball). Back to the tunes and celluloid.

    • Thanks, CB. Yeah, those doctors’ offices…wow. I’m waiting for Christopher Cross to enter RnRHoF. The way they keep inducting, it could happen. BTW, we saw the movie, and loved it! Gritty, with a touch of Kubrick. Tantoo Cardinal’s acting was fabulous, as well as that guy with the cigar. Really looking forward to the Nicola Valley flick. Happy Holidays!

      • I feel your pain on the “Hall”. CB stays away from all those award things. Not his bag. We could get drunk sometime and come up with a few good lists though. Glad your back safe and sound and banging out new thoughts. Look forward to more in the future. Tantoo is a keeper, the guy with the cigar could use some work. Thanks Pete. Like I said to Yul Brynner and Euell Gibbons. “Have a cool yule, Yul (Euell).

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